Mini Sí Sí

Suitable for Nursery – P2 (3.5 – 6 yrs)

When?   Wednesdays  @ 3.30pm – 4pm, 10 week course

Dates?    7th Oct – 16th Dec 2020 (Half-term break 28th Oct)

How?      Live Zoom lessons with recordings sent after the lesson to stop & start as many times as they fancy

Cost?      £4.80 per session, sign-up any time

Our Mini Sí Sí sessions provide an excellent opportunity to introduce to new language & culture through songs, games & story. Our virtual sessions are interactive & stimulating where children learn in a relaxed and fun environment. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they pick it up!

Benefits of a second language in childhood?

  • improved cognitive abilities
  • increased comprehension skills
  • boosts language acquisition
  • stimulates pathways in the brain

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